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Contributor release forms are very important in order to give consent for each child’s involvement in the film project undertaken within Film Club or Film Camp. Without a signed form, we will not be able to include images and/or vocals from your child in the final edit of the production, including showcasing the production on the IntoFilm or Ciné Schools Ltd. websites or at the Into Film Festival and any other festival showcasing any production made at a Ciné Schools Ltd. Film Club or Film Camp. Signing this form also provides Ciné Schools Ltd with permission to share images and videos taken from the final production and during the production process, amongst the organisations associated with the productions made with Ciné Schools Ltd as well as on our social media channels.


Please sign the form below before the start of the filmmaking workshops. The workshop lead will be provided with details of completed and missing Release Forms.

Organisation Running the Project with IntoFilm: 

Film Club / Film Camp T/A Ciné Schools Ltd. (“The Company”)


If the Contributor is under 18 years of age this form will need to be signed by a Parent or Legal Guardian.


I consent to the Contributor named above (Name of child) entering into this agreement and acknowledge that it is for his/her benefit.


Signed by Parent or Legal Guardian


1. I hereby agree that the copyright (if any) and all other rights title and interest in and in respect of my contribution shall vest in and is hereby assigned to the Company (and this assignment shall operate to the extent necessary as a present assignment of future copyright) and that the Company shall have the unfettered right to deal with the Project containing such contribution or any part of it in any way that it thinks fit. Accordingly I agree that my Contribution and/or the Project incorporating my contribution or any part of it may be exhibited or otherwise however exploited (and such exploitation may include the exploitation of ancillary rights therein) in all media and formats throughout the universe for the full period of copyright and all renewals and extensions thereof and thereafter so far as may be possible in perpetuity.


2. I hereby waive any so-called "moral rights of authors" in the Project and such rights under section 77 and section 80 of the Copyright Designs and Patents Act 1988 as I now have or hereafter acquire in relation to the Project.

3. The Company may without my further consent use my name likeness biography photographs of me and recordings of interviews with me, as well as images and videos of me taken throughout the production process for all purposes of advertising, publicising, distributing and exploiting the Project and/or advertising, promoting or publicising the Company in all media and formats throughout the universe.


4. The Company shall not be liable to me or my legal representatives for any loss or damage or injury to me or my property caused or suffered in connection with the Company's making of the proposed Project unless caused by the negligence of the Company and recoverable on that ground.


5. The Company shall be under no obligation to make any use of my Contribution within the Project and shall not be liable to me in the event that my Contribution is not included in the Project or if the Project is not exhibited.


6. I agree that the contribution shall not contain anything which is an infringement of copyright or which is calculated to bring the Company into disrepute or which is defamatory provided however that the Company shall not be entitled to bring claim against me in respect of any defamatory material that was included in my contribution without negligence or malice on my part.


7. I acknowledge that by entering into and performing this agreement I shall gain experience of and training in film production, which will be of educational benefit to me.


8. The Courts of England shall have sole jurisdiction in relation to the terms and conditions of the agreement contained in this release which shall be interpreted according to the laws of England.

Should you have any questions regarding this form please do email Ciné Schools: and include 'release form' in your subject line. Thank you.

All data submitted within this form will be held in compliance with GDPR regulations. Any information captured here-in will only provided to course leaders for use solely in safely and efficiently running Film Club or Film Camp. 

Thank you for submitting!

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